More Crossplatform Text Agony

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at
Tue Jun 23 15:33:35 CDT 2009

Le 23 juin 09 à 21:29, J. Landman Gay a écrit :

> Scott Rossi wrote:
>> OK, in Rev 3.5, I create a brand new stack, let's say on OS X.  I  
>> add a
>> control, let's say a tab control, and set its text size and style.   
>> Now when
>> I move the stack to Vista or XP, the text of the tab control takes  
>> on some
>> default setting that I can't change.  Looking in the Text menu or  
>> using the
>> message box, the textsize/style is reported as being the same as my  
>> original
>> styling, but the appearance of the tab control is incorrect and won't
>> update. Using the Text menu or by script I am unable to modify the  
>> text
>> appearance.
>> Looking through custom properties of the stack/card with  
>> "Revolution UI
>> elements..." enabled in Preferences doesn't appear to show any custom
>> properties set for text.
>> WTF?  Even on newly created stacks with minimal text formatting, the
>> settings don't carry over across platforms, and won't update.
> I haven't looked at the stack in Windows but peeked at it in OS X. I  
> think the problem has to do with how textfonts work. Whenever you  
> set a textstyle and size, the textfont is also stored; Rev can't  
> save only size and style info without also saving the font. The font  
> that is being stored for your tab control is Lucida Grande, which  
> doesn't exist on Windows, so something else is being substituted  
> there.
> To reset it on Windows, set the textfont of the control to a Windows- 
> native font. Since setting the font will wipe the size and style  
> info, you'll need to reset both of those too. See if that helps.

the fonts that are common to my MacOS X Leopard system and my XP  
virtual machine are
Arial (four variants)
Comic Sans (plain and bold)
Courier new (4)
Georgia (4)
Times New Roman (4)
Trebuchet (although it is called Trebuchet MS on my mac)

FYI, my mac (as most of them) came with with a demo of office for mac.  
I snatched the fonts before wiping the demo, so I am not sure if these  
font come with every mac. However, these fonts are called "Web safe"  
in RapidWeaver.



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