storing a Word document as a customprop

Peter Brigham MD pmbrig at
Fri Jun 12 08:55:51 EDT 2009

I would like to generate a Word doc stored in a customprop but I'd  
like to modify it first by script. I have a template successfully  
stored as the printDoc of this stack, with placeholders in applicable  
places like "<last>", "<first>", etc. However, this doesn't work:

on mouseup
    put fld "Name" into tName
    put item 1 of tName into lastName
    put word 1 of item 2 of tName into firstName
    put the printDoc of this stack into tDoc
    replace "<last>" with lastName in tDoc -- * problem
    replace "<first>" with firstName in tDoc -- * problem
    put the printPath of this stack into pPath
    -- contains something like "binfile:/Users/pmbrig/Desktop/ 
    set the itemdelimiter to "/"
    put tolower(lastName) & ".doc" into item -1 of pPath
    set the filetype to "MSWDW8BN"
    put tDoc into url pPath
end mouseup

I get an error from the finder that the file "doesn't appear to be a  
Microsoft Word file." If I comment out the two "replace" lines in the  
script, the original template file is exported fine, and it opens fine  
in Word with a double-click. So there's something Word doesn't like  
about the replace operation. Is there any way to do this so I create  
the template document modified with data filled in from Rev?

-- Peter

Peter M. Brigham
pmbrig at

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