dead click functions

DunbarX at DunbarX at
Mon Jun 8 10:02:58 EDT 2009

The trick, and I will say it again, is to use the "stable" (or perhaps "old 
fashioned") clickLoc function. It seems to have a better work ethic than 
all of its sisters.

The goal is to be able to get info about text in an object, initiated by a 
handler in a different object, by pinpointing that text with the mouse.

The workaround, of course, is simple:

    set cursor to cross
    wait until the mouseClick
    click at the clickLoc
    put the clickChar -- or any other chunk-like click function

So I will add a "newClickChar" (and newClickText and newClickChunk...) 
function to my toolbox, and move on.

Does anyone think the unique properties of this function ought to be 
brought to the attention of Edinburg, so it does NOT change? So that the very 
difference itself is examined? Maybe not; I will be pissed if the clickLoc joins 
the ranks of its poorer cousins. 

Love this.

Craig Newman

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