[On-Rev] traversing file path in on-rev

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Wed Jun 3 18:59:08 EDT 2009

Devin Asay wrote:
> I want to be able to use common libraries for all subdomains in my 
> domain. Right now all of my subdomains point to folders within my 
> public html root directory.
> /
>     includes/
>         mylib.irev
>     mysubdomain/
>         index.irev
>     index.irev
> I want to access mylib.irev from mysubdomain/index.irev.  I would 
> think I should be able to do
> include "../includes/mylib.irev"
That does work for me. (to be precise, using    include 
   (I didn't have a folder called 'includes', but had one imaginatively 
called 'subfolder' :-)

(Sadly, I can't get the equivalent to work for an add-on domain at the 
root level, but that's not too surprising).
> But that doesn't work, and produces an error message saying
>     FTP error: File "/mysubdomain/../includes/mylib.irev" not present 
> on server. Cannot download.
Why would you get an FTP error ?    Are you sure this was while running 
index.irev ?
Or is there some other part of your workflow that is doing ftp of these 
files ?

Is the error message from the on-rev client debugger ?  If not - give it 
a try and see what it says.

-- Alex.

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