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len-morgan at len-morgan at
Fri Feb 27 13:45:50 EST 2009

I can't seem to find a command for this:

I want to get a list of files to be converted (they happen to be wav files
but it doesn't really matter).  As I go through each file in the list, I
want to be able to update a progress bar that indicates how far through
the list I am and another one that indicates how far through the current
file I am.

The first requirement was easy and is working.  I need to be able to find
out the file size so I can calculate the current progress in that one
file.  I know I can use "the detailed files" to get all of the info on all
of the files in the default directory but is there something that will
allow me to get just the information on a single file?

I am currently using "answer file" to get the list of files (returns one
per line) so I COULD get the detailed files from that since they will only
be allowed to select files from a single directory at a time (that IS true
isn't it?).

Any ideas would be appreciated.

While I'm here.... :-) , has anyone written scripts that will read through
and process a wav file and would be willing to share what they've learned?
 Might save me some time.  If not, I'll contribute what I end up with when
I'm done.

len morgan

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