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Fri Feb 27 11:44:08 EST 2009

Le 27 févr. 09 à 16:07, DunbarX at a écrit :

> OK,
> 1- Create a new mainstack of two cards. Name it "A".
> 2- Create another new mainstack. Name it "B". Write an openstack  
> handler in
> "B" that puts the stack script into "back", and an opencard handler  
> that simply
> beeps.
> 3- Go to stack "A" and move from card to card. I get beeps from  
> stack "B".
> 4- Open the msg box. All beeping stops.
> I tried similar messages, like "closeCard". No beeps.

I just created the 2 stacks that you are suggesting :
In the script of stack B, I have the 2 following handlers :
ON openstack
     insert the script of this stack into back
END openstack

ON openCard
     beep 2
END openCard

And I confirm that I get the same behavior : with msg box closed I get  
beeps from stack B when moving  from card to card in stack A.
No beep when msg box is opened.
More, after some moves from card to card in A, I get an Errors window  
that is empty and freezes (can't "ignore" or get the script)
And sometimes, I am  trapped in an infinite loop with this window that  
can be stopped with "cmd period "

Best regards from Grenoble

> BUT...
> I added a button to stack "A", and added mouse-like handlers in  
> stack "B",
> say, "mouseEnter", and they all work; glorious beeps. Msg is trapping
> navigational messages, but not mouse messages (or others?). Harrumph.
> It might be important to this group, so what I ask is, can some kind  
> soul try
> this? I need to know if it is just me.
> If not, I am proud to report what I consider a major, mind numbing  
> bug, and
> call for an immediate upgrade to Rev 4.
> If so, and I still suspect this, I need sympathy. I must remember to  
> be
> careful of what I wish for; I wanted to get to the marrow of Rev,  
> just like I have
> with HC. I forgot this might involve work and frustration...
> Craig Newman
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