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Fri Feb 27 11:55:36 EST 2009

Craig wrote:
> OK,
> 1- Create a new mainstack of two cards. Name it "A".
> 2- Create another new mainstack. Name it "B". Write an openstack handler in 
> "B" that puts the stack script into "back", and an opencard handler that simply 
> beeps.
> 3- Go to stack "A" and move from card to card. I get beeps from stack "B".
> 4- Open the msg box. All beeping stops.

When I do this I get beeps when navigating in B, regardless whether the 
Message Box is open or not.  That is, unless the Message Box has focus, 
in which case the arrowKeys navigate the MB's history, as is normal. 
Once I click in stack B to bring focus back there the beeps return as 

What plugins do you have installed?

One thing to keep in mind about backscripts is that they're great for 
handing messages where you want that behavior to be overridable by 
objects closer to the front of the message path.

If you want to trap messages regardless of whether they're also handled 
by the control, card, or stack, use a frontScript (and always pass 
messages trapped in a frontScript or else none of the downstream scripts 
will get that message).

For more info on frontScript, backScripts, and libraries this article 
may be helpful:

Extending the Runtime Revolution Message Path:
An introduction to using Libraries, FrontScripts, and BackScripts
in Runtime Revolution's Transcript Programming Language

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