[ANN] chartsEngine - now on revSelect

Judy Perry katheryn.swynford at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 09:39:03 EST 2009

Awesome, Malte!
Congrats! :-D

See you on ChatRev (I hope!!!).


On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 4:47 AM, Malte Brill <revolution at derbrill.de> wrote:

> Hi all,
> just a quick note that our latest library for Revolution is now life in
> revSelect. chartsEngine.
> Before I get into the usual blahblah of what it can do, I would like to
> express my gratitude to a few people on this list how have been extremely
> helpful during final spurt. Wouter. Thanks for being the genius you are and
> helping me speeding it up so much. Sarah, Jb, Jerry, Graham. Thanks for all
> the time you have put into the tests and helping me polishing it. Wouldn´t
> know what I would have done without your help. My peers on revSelect and at
> Runtime: Thanks for all the headups during the dev cycle. And finally all of
> you on this list who encouraged me to carry on after the burglary. THANK
> YOU.
> Now back to the lib:
> You can find more details and the download of the free trial version and
> example stack here:
> http://www.runrev.com/products/related-software/chartsengine/
> chartsEngine brings to generating charts the same ease, power, and
> flexibility as animationEngine brings for Revolution animations.
> ChartsEngine is a powerful, yet lightweight library to create charts in a
> Revolution stack. It has been optimized to render data on the fly at high
> speed. It will extend Revolutions messagepath and makes its scripts
> available in any location in your Revolution application.
> To use it, make sure it is loaded into memory. Open the messagebox and
> type:
> start using stack "chartsengine"
> In the IDE you also can double click the chartsEngine stack to start using
> it.
> The following chartTypes are available:
>    * Lines
>    * LinesStacked
>    * Bars
>    * BarsStacked
>    * Pie
>    * Doughnut
> chartsEngine relies on setting properties for your charts. Most of these
> properties are "canset" properties. If you do not explicitly set them,
> chartsEngine defaults to standard values. Data is organized in cr delimited
> lists of items. The default itemDelimiter is comma. The default chart type
> is lines. This type lets you handle large amounts of data, while rendering
> very fast. Which chart type is best used in your projects depends on the
> data you want to display.
> Requirements: Revolution 3.0 or higher. Runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.
> PS: If you want it  and also own an animationEngine license, watch your
> inbox closely. All existing animationEngine license holders will receive a
> voucher, that grants you 25% off.
> I really hope this library is useful to some of you, and I look forward to
> give the same quality of support, as we do with animationEngine.
> Cheers,
> Malte
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