CGI database connection: now urlencode() problem

SparkOut SparkOutYNY at
Thu Feb 19 09:58:00 EST 2009

SparkOut wrote:
> I have got everything successfully working on both WAMP and Linux webhost
> to make database connections and very pleased to be getting on with that.
> However, I have another problem which is proving to be a blocker: if I use
> URLEncode("anything & everything") then the server just bombs.
> I have isolated it down to definitely just the inclusion of a URLEncode()
> function. The URLEncode() function doesn't depend on any libraries to my
> knowledge, but even so I've put the revbrowser into the externals,
> similarly to the method that got the database connection working, to see
> if that makes a difference, but it still fails.
> I've tried with an old 2.9 engine from Rev Studio in case it was something
> in the Enterprise 3.5-dp releases, but same issue. Any ideas anyone or is
> this a bug? It works fine in the IDE, and as a standalone, it's only when
> the engine is being used as a cgi backend that it's a problem.
> Thanks if you can shed any light on this for me.
> Oh well, I've rolled my own function to deal with this for now, but I'd
> really like to know if this is a bug or something I'm doing wrong, or
> something I've got wrong in the setup with use in conjunction with Andre's
> RocketsCGI?

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