Data Grid success story [FYI]

Josh Mellicker josh at
Tue Dec 22 14:31:38 EST 2009

We were using a scrolling group of nested groups that hit the Rev height limit once we went over 267 nested groups and caused a minor emergency, so we replaced the whole object with Trevor's Data Grid (form) and it now works like a dream. Super fast creation from arrays and scrolling as fast as you can move the cursor. Since we created the groups from a template the conversion was easy. Now deployed to thousands of end users with zero (reported) problems.

The "under-the-hood" code that creates the groups on the fly as they are needed to be visually displayed is amazing and powerful.

So FYI: if many of your projects use scrolling groups of groups (as ours do), and you have not yet replaced those with form-based Data Grids, I found the process smooth sailing and couldn't be happier.

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