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> Can someone give me a quick summary of why I might want to use the 
> MetaCard IDE instead
> of  RunRev's?  It seems that a lot of users of this group use MC.  Is it 
> just what you were used
> to or is there some feature that Rev's doesn't?
> Just curious.
> len

Partly, it is because it is what I am familiar with, no doubt.  But, I am not a fanatic about it: I encourage all my students to begin with RunRev using the RunRev IDE, and I use it on those occasions where I need to develop a complicated (read prettified) interface.  However, those who go on to become the more proficient programmers seem to drift to the MetaCard IDE as they gain experience.

The main difference is that the MC IDE, for the most part, because it is so close to the engine, stays out of your way.  So much so, that at least for my current and former students and me, we rarely compile standalones, preferring to run our stacks in the MC IDE itself.
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