Newbie Data Grid question

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Sun Dec 13 14:49:41 EST 2009


Le 13 déc. 09 à 19:53, James Hurley a écrit :

> I am just getting into data grid fields and can't find first base.
> I can't find anything on data grids  in the Dictionary. Is this  
> coming?

You could download the manual at :
> Following the tutorial I tried the following:
> put field "data" into tData
> --This is a tab delimited text field with the first line being the  
> column names
> put true into pFirstLineContainsHeaders

try set the pFirstLineContainsHeaders to true

> set the dgText [ pFirstLineContainsHeaders ] of group "DataGrid 2"  
> to tData
> This does nothing.

In the chapter "How do I populate a data grid with Data ?
one found this :
"Note that if pFirstLineContainsHeaders is true then the columns must  
already exist in your data grid
table in order to be displayed."
Does your columns already exist ?
> But if I put False into pFirstLineContainsHeaders the field is  
> filled with tData but the columns are Col 1, Col 2, etc.
> What am I missing?

Best regards from Grenoble


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