Is it possible to change the revlet embed html?

George C Brackett gbrackett at
Thu Dec 3 14:19:58 EST 2009

It's a very good idea, a cookie, and it hadn't occurred to me. Unfortunately I'm teaching in an environment where students don't always use the same machine (on which the cookie is stored), so a server-storage solution is what I need.

In a way, this situation is caused by the lack of a revMedia stack player, so that stacks could be saved after alteration (a new assignment added) instead of being transformed into an unchangeable revlet. I guess the folks at RunRev see a player as adding so much functionality that offering revMedia for free would no longer be good business.  I'm not so sure about that.


On Dec 3, 2009, at 1:39 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

Recently, George C Brackett wrote:

> I'm planning a simple programming course for high school using revMedia
> (because it's free), which only produces revlets. I was immediately stumped by
> an early project to create and gradually improve an Assignments stack that
> would help our students keep track of their assignments. Alas, saving the
> current state of a revlet is not possible.

I could be mistaken or totally misreading this but isn't this what cookies
are for?  I don't know how much data represents your revlet "state", and I
seem to recall that the amount of data that can be saved in a cookie is
limited, but from what you describe this sounds like it could be a use for a
browser cookie.  Other more knowledgeable folks might chime in here.


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