Is it possible to change the revlet embed html?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Dec 3 14:12:05 EST 2009

George C Brackett wrote:
> I would like to do something just slightly different, though. I would
> like the embed code to pick up the revlet's URL from server variables
> ($HTTP_HOST & $REQUEST_URI), not from a fixed path. I see now that
> this would require the revlet to be running from a webserver, not a
> file server, but I can handle that issue. I haven't tried this
> approach yet, but recent posts suggest it's possible.

In that case you are talking about generating your web page dynamically. 
You need a way to do that (which is something different than revlets, 
it's HTML.) You can use an old-style Rev CGI, or better, an iRev page if 
you are on the On-Rev server. Or you can use PHP or another language 
that can generate web pages on the fly.

> I would also like not to have to replace the html page after it is
> created by the IDE, but to pre-create it (hmmm - sounds sort of
> god-like) in the location the IDE uses to store its template. I don't
> know if that's possible, but it would streamline the process.

As Mark said, there isn't a way to intercept the original creation of 
the HTML test page, but you could write a little script that replaces 
the existing one with your custom one after the fact. What I do is just 
alter the test page once, and then after every new revlet build I just 
drop the new revlet into the permanent folder with my altered HTML page, 
replacing the old revlet. It's pretty easy.

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