Is it possible to change the revlet embed html?

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Thu Dec 3 14:20:46 EST 2009

Hi George,

Actually, given that html files are only text files, you could
write a handler that:
1) reads the template html file generated while building the revlet, 
2) collect the data of this html to create a new html file
using a specific template created for the revlet author. 
>From my point of view, this is only an automatic copy and
paste operation. Ideally, it shoud be a one step operation,
but in your case, will be two step instead of one.

About saving the state of revlets, keep reading about some
ideas to solve this.

I recommend that you teach your students in first place
the nuts and bolts of authoring using RevMedia:
Principles of Layout, Navigation aids (buttons, text hyperlinks,
hidden buttons, etc...), Information displayed and hidden, 
Image optimization (please, do not allow them to create
bloated revlets), Color armonization, User feedback, etc...
(Actually, developers more experienced could complete this
short list of topics that i wrote...)

Please take a look at this Multiple choice test made by a
fellow teacher for his computer classes, using a template
that i give him.

If my website in 000space were more reliable serving
revlet based content, i would ask you to visit the html
webpage. But no, it doesn't work reliably. So, i ask you
to download both pieces (html and revlet) to run locally:

He told me that this test is largely unfinished and
needs to correct ortography and wording of
selection items. I believe that he had to change
his images to reduce the revlet size and check in
detail the importance of every question.

Notice that this exam ask for permissions to use the
network and write files to your disk, when you
enter the page.

Effectively, when you finish this (still incomplete)
exam, the revlet ask you to save the results in
your hard disk.

These results are saved in two formats: one file is plain
text and the other is an encoded (could be encrypted)
version of this text file. Students should send both files
to their teacher. If i want or fellow teachers made a request,
instead of saving the files to student computer,
i could show a text field in the screen and ask the student
to copy and paste this field content in a text document,
saved with his name and date. In this way, it should be
completely innecessary to ask permission to use the network
and write to Hard disk.

Of course, using this same method, students could save binary
data (encoded as Base64, Ascii 85, etc...) by simple copy
and paste to a text file, without showing a warning.

This same method of copy and paste could be used to
input data to the revlet, if you ask the student to paste
information of their more recent session and click a button
to process the data. :-)

Notice that some software simulations (games), give you
a letter and numbers code after you clear a level. When
the software simulation (game) starts, users enter this
code to pass directly to next level.

Some possible enhancements, for this Multiple Choice
revlet are:

1) send the results directly to the teacher's mail
from the stack, just like PHP or Perl scripts send
emails from a web page.

2) write output to a file in the server, so students
could download this results file from the webpage...

3) write a record inside a database running in the server...

George C Brackett wrote:
> I'm planning a simple programming course for high school using revMedia
> (because it's free), which only produces revlets. I was immediately
> stumped by an early project to create and gradually improve an Assignments
> stack that would help our students keep track of their assignments. Alas,
> saving the current state of a revlet is not possible.
> [snip]

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