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PLEASE close this thread ! ! ! !


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> Wow, I just found this post.  So I will respond.
> I say what I believe.  Period.  I haven't, in this case heard anything that 
> would lead me to change anything I have written in this thread (except 
> typos of course).   I would send that ticket.  Just as I said.  I would 
> have that person watch people using run-rev.  I would give him full access 
> to all employees and customers.  And directly, not through an intermediary. 
>  He would contact the users through this commons.  Directly.  Explaining 
> his exploration, and how he was invited.  No need for a middleman.  Is this 
> guy the right guy for such a project?  I don't know.  Maybe.  If you see 
> contradictions in the thread of my posts, maybe it is because you still don'
> t understand my original point.  Are you that "good soldier" who doesn't 
> see the possibility of respecting your country and criticizing it at the 
> same time?  Respect is an eyes wide open prospect, or it isn't worth the 
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