Misunderstanding WindowID in go stack statement?

Scott Pepperdine spepper at byu.net
Wed Apr 29 14:02:19 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I have a splash stack (standalone) that opens a stack from a server.  
Set up like this so as we work to improve the app I can replace the 
stack on the server and every user is updated.  Works really sweet.  I'm 
really having fun with Rev. 

Anyway, I open the stack from the server using this statement:
> go stack URL "" 

This opens the dsh.rev stack in a new window, making the user close two 
windows when they want to quit the app.  I saw a recent conversation 
here about closing the splash stack with scripting, but should that be 
necessary?  The 'go' command has a parm for 'window' and the dictionary 

> The window is the name or windowID property of any open stack. If a 
> window is specified, the stack opens in that window, replacing the 
> stack that was previously displayed in that window.

I've been trying to specify the windowID of the splash stack with no 
success.  My most recent attempt looks like:

>    put the windowID of this stack into tWindowID
>    answer tWindowID
>    go stack URL "http://2xx.224.127.132/dsh.rev" in tWindowID

The answer statement is just to be certain that I am getting a value for 
windowID.  I am.  But this script gets a runtime error about not being 
able to find a handler near tWindowID.

Am I misunderstanding the "window" parm of the go statement?  Do I have 
to take care of this via scripts?  Or am I missing something basic about 
how to use the "go" command to open a stack in the existing window?

Thanks for any hints,

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