Misunderstanding WindowID in go stack statement?

Devin Asay devin_asay at byu.edu
Wed Apr 29 14:35:58 EDT 2009

On Apr 29, 2009, at 12:02 PM, Scott Pepperdine wrote:

> I've been trying to specify the windowID of the splash stack with no
> success.  My most recent attempt looks like:
>>   put the windowID of this stack into tWindowID
>>   answer tWindowID
>>   go stack URL "http://2xx.224.127.132/dsh.rev" in tWindowID
> The answer statement is just to be certain that I am getting a value  
> for
> windowID.  I am.  But this script gets a runtime error about not being
> able to find a handler near tWindowID.
> Am I misunderstanding the "window" parm of the go statement?  Do I  
> have
> to take care of this via scripts?  Or am I missing something basic  
> about
> how to use the "go" command to open a stack in the existing window?


I think what you need here is to refer to 'window [whatever]':

go stack URL "http://2xx.224.127.132/dsh.rev" in window tWindowID

Not tested, but I'm betting this is the problem.


Devin Asay
Humanities Technology and Research Support Center
Brigham Young University

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