How to store a stack in a custom property

Jim Bufalini jim at
Tue Apr 28 08:22:03 EDT 2009

Bernard Devlin wrote:

> Jim, I don't know in what circumstances Eric was testing.  However,
> I'm someone who's traditionally relied on customproperties instead of
> globals.  But when profiling applications I found that
> storing/accessing large amounts of data that way _was_ slower than
> using globals.
> I would still always opt for a customproperty initially (just because
> it means that the data can be associated with some object or some set
> of objects, and there is some form of data-hiding).  However, if when
> profiling I needed a speed increase I'd then be prepared to move the
> data into globals where necessary.

I do the same. Not so much for speed, but just because custom properties can
be long to type out, especially if you are using custom property sets, and
easy to make a typo that the complier can't check, and on a big project you
can forget where they are. So I often have custom properties that get
assigned to globals and bounce back and forth between the two.

> Maybe when it comes to small amounts of data (or even large amounts of
> data in simple data structures) customproperties are faster.

I wouldn't put it entirely past Eric to test within a context that proved
his point. ;-) 

Anyway, let's not belabor the speed issue. I think it's minor compared to
other plusses and minuses of the two.

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

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