How to store a stack in a custom property

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Mon Apr 27 14:50:33 EDT 2009

For example: say you have a whole bunch of cards and there is an image  
that will be displayed on each card; can you set the customproperty of  
each card to an image? I'm assuming that each object in a stack may  
have only one customproperty and that assumption may be wrong, so????

TIA, Joe Wilkins

On Apr 27, 2009, at 11:41 AM, Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:

> Hey, I told you Jacqi would come through! Now, say you have a whole  
> lot of images that you want to hide, how would you handle this?
> TIA, Joe Wilkins
> On Apr 27, 2009, at 11:02 AM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
>>> I'm obviously missing something, since all of the things you  
>>> mention can be done with external text files or other stacks that  
>>> can be read or written to from scripts when their needs arise.  
>>> I've done some pretty sophisticated data manipulation in this  
>>> manner.
>> It's true you can often substitute other methods for the use of  
>> custom properties, but that can be like using a screwdriver to  
>> pound nails. The right tool is usually a better option and allows  
>> you to do more with less work.
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