Runrev on the web

Bill Marriott wjm at
Wed Apr 22 14:06:38 EDT 2009

Hi Jim,

> Just so I understand, using runrev for applications on the web "requires" 
> us to use the runrev service currently priced at 499.00 for life?

No. On-Rev and Revolution Studio/Enterprise/Media at this point are 
completely separate products.

The "Rev on the Web" you are probably thinking of is scheduled for 
Revolution 4.0 in September. This will enable you to put your stacks online 
within a Web page, and it will look and work just like it does on the 
desktop. It does not require the on-Rev service.

on-Rev is a new hosting service with next-generation Revolution server 
scripting built in, plus software which enables you to create, edit, upload, 
manage, inspect and debug your scripts in real-time. It does not require 

If you enjoy using Revolution, you'll probably love on-Rev, though. You'll 
be able to use the language you know to do just about anything you like with 
your Web server. Check out the latest revUp newsletter and attend Thursday's 
seminar for more info.


> Is there a way to get runrev on the web without using On-rev?

Yes. Currently, the Web plugin is available for preview and testing by 
people who have registered for our Developers conference in Edinburgh, Sept 
1. That conference is the official kickoff of our new Web technologies and 
the sessions will be designed around getting the most out of them. It will 
likely be our biggest and freshest conference to date... lots of new faces 
and new topics. You can still get 40%+ off registration if you go to


Once your complete registration you'll be given a username and password to 
the Web plugin preview site, which has the pre-beta plugin, several 
examples, and shows you how to use it with your own stacks. 

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