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Martin Baxter mb.userev at harbourhosting.co.uk
Tue Apr 21 03:59:42 EDT 2009

Kay C Lan wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 1:05 PM, Chipp Walters <chipp at chipp.com> wrote:
>> On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 9:21 PM, Kay C Lan <lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> OK, I've had time to sift through all the advise, and again, thanks to
>>> everyone for the responses. So now just to confirm I'm not lost, just
>>> befuddled;
>>> I get one Main domain name and unlimited Sub domains, so if I sign up
>> with
>>> lan.on-rev.com I can subsequently create kc.lan.on-rev.com and
>>> dj.lan.on-rev.com. I just want to confirm that Sub domains are added to
>>> the
>>> left - seems important when picking a name.
>> Hi Kay,
>> Kinda the other way around. You're assigned a single sub domain (
>> kay.on-rev.com) and you can get it to work with as many domains as you've
>> registered (for now, you need to register domains elsewhere-- aka
>> GoDaddy.com).
> Thanks Chipp for the reply, but now I'm confused. When on-rev says I can
> have Unlimited Subdomains and Unlimited Add On Domains I understood
> (probably wrongly) that the Add On refers to those registered elsewhere,
> that I can move to on-rev at no charge from on-rev. What then is the
> Unlimited Subdomain feature, how do I go about creating the multiple
> Subdomains, and particularly what would they look like: kay1.on-rev,
> kay2.on-rev, OR something.on-rev, completely.on-rev, different.on-rev??
> Trying to get my head around what the pros and cons of Subdomains vs Add On
> Domains and how to maximise the usefullness of the Subdomains as it appears
> (again I may have this wrong) to be free whilst every Add On will requie the
> cost of registration.
> Clear as mud ;-|


These matters can be hard to grasp, and also hard to explain. I'll have
a go though.

An "add-on" domain does indeed, in this case, refer to those registered

Your on-rev account is a subdomain of on-rev.com

Your Add-on domains are hosted "inside" your subdomain's space, but look
independent of it to the outside world.

The major advantage of having at least one add on domain would be that
you own it - for as long as you continue to pay the domain name
registration fee.

You do not own on-rev.com, so if you set up a site or public services
using your on-rev.com subdomain address, and later decide to move them
elsewhere, you would then no longer be able to use the on-rev domain
name. On the other hand you can redirect a domain name that you own at
any web host you please.

Your add on domains can themselves have subdomains. So you could host
one domain that you own and give it as many subdomains as you please,
assuming you have a reason to do that.

I haven't tried but I would not expect that you can create any more
subdomains like kay1.on-rev.com, kay2.on-rev.com etc because the
on-rev.com domain is not yours to configure. Any subdomains you create
will therefore always be subdomains of an addon domain you have set up
inside your account space.

With hosting multiple add on domains, the typical scenario would be that
you were hosting sites you had designed or developed for customers, and
in that case the customer would normally be the one who owns the domain
and pays the domain registration costs.

A web site specialist like myself however, may own a number of domains
in order to logically separate different projects - e.g. I have a domain
for my business, two domains just for email, one domain where I put
freebie sites for friends and miscellaneous bits and pieces that don't
belong on a business site, another that is sometimes used for technical
research, plus several that I have plans for but have yet to exploit.

Martin Baxter

I am Not a Number, I am a free NaN

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