on-rev example: dynamic table (was: 'globals.cgi' conversion)

Ian Wood revlist at azurevision.co.uk
Sun Apr 19 18:03:56 EDT 2009

On 18 Apr 2009, at 09:33, Andre.Bisseret wrote:

> I was expecting something like a beautiful web page ;--))

This isn't much more beautiful, but it's less like a system readout. ;-)


Put in two numbers and hit 'Submit' to see a 'times table'-like table  
appear. Nothing all that special and I'm sure it could also be done in  
PHP, but it would have taken me longer to remember how to do a repeat  
in PHP than the whole thing did via rev/transcript.

The Rev code looks like this:

put "<table cellpadding='2'>"
repeat with x = 1 to $_POST["x"]
put "<tr>"
repeat with y= 1 to $_POST["y"]
put "<td>" & (x * y) & "</td>"
end repeat
put "</tr>"
end repeat
put "</table>"

Which is nice and familiar.  Given the power of Transcript/Rev, it  
would be easy to add in some sophisticated error-checking code for  
letters instead of numbers, and instead put a sensible error message  
if someone puts in garbage.


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