Linux Standalone Has "Square Hand" Cursor

Ted tedl at
Mon Apr 20 19:32:03 EDT 2009


I've built a standalone for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Everything works fine, except one thing:

When I open the standalone in Linux (Ubuntu), the cursor is a square-looking
hand, rather than an arrow.

This hand doesn't have a prominent "index finger" with which to point
accurately. It approaches the appearance of a grab hand.

Many of my scripts call for the cursor to set to none at the beginning, and
then back to arrow at the end. In these cases, I see the arrow flash briefly
at the end of the script. But when the script stops executing, the cursor
changes to a "square hand" again.

I don't have "set cursor to hand" anywhere in my scripts.

In both Mac and Windows, the arrow works as expected throughout.

Any ideas?



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