3.5 on Debian Linux

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Apr 18 03:47:09 EDT 2009

Well, after a quick canter through, its a bit of a disappointment.

1)  Rev Browser is still conspicuous by its absence.

2)  Mutliple Desktops still do not work in Gnome.  Haven't bothered to try 
KDE.  This makes no sense:  Rev is the only application I ever found where 
they do not work right in Gnome.  I assume they still work in Fluxbox, 
they did in 3.0 at least, but I'm getting fed up with trying this stuff.

3)  Printing still does not work properly - print card, print field don't 
bring up a list of the installed printers.  Given this, its a fair bet 
that revPrintField is not going to work any better than it did in 3.0, 
again I am losing patience with trying this stuff over and over again.  
Again, you could say its something about this installation, but if so, why 
do all other apps find all installed printers?

4) There is something weird with preferences.  I foolishly tried to set the 
backdrop to yellow just to see how it felt.  Now, no matter what I do, 
reset to defaults works on the open instance, but on every restart the 
backdrop resets to yellow.  Similarly, the appearance is always the 
default, but the problem is the highlighting in the default is done in 
such a way that it obscures the print in the menu item being selected.  
Yes, you can reset this to motif, and this does make it visible.  For that 
session only!  

Behaviours and data grids will probably be very nice when one gets used to 
them.  But really, to still be using awk to generate a printable version 
of a field, to be resetting preferences every time you fire it up, to have 
10 open empty desktops, and message box, palette, property inspector, 
script editor, application under development, and dictionary all crammed 
onto one of them, one window on top of another!

As I say, its a bit of a disappointment.


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