data grid code (color)

Sadhu Nadesan sadhu at
Fri Apr 17 19:13:05 EDT 2009

Note that you may also double click on a cell and edit it directly, and 
again, the expected behavior is, if you type foo, it turns red.  The 
refreshlist command is supposed to be called upon editing but I added 
this as a separate button choice just in case, didn't help.

Sadhu Nadesan wrote:
> Trevor
> You said, let you know.  Ok!
> I must be doing something wrong, it doesn't seem to work.  On the 
> other hand I did vary slightly from your instructions.  I will file 
> this as a bug report so I can include a sample stack and screen shots.
> Context
> The goal is to add a custom behavior that will turn certain cells 
> color upon a certain condition.
> Problem
> Attempting to apply the example logic in practice, nothing happens, no 
> color change.
> How to Duplicate This Problem
> Create a new stack, very simple, with 2 objects, a populate button, 
> and a data grid with 3 columns, with default names, that is group 
> "datagrid", and columns "col 1", col 2", and "col 3".  Populate a few 
> rows, say 3,  using the contents pane of the property inspector.
> The populate button has this code  (assuming you haven't resorted, the 
> row numbers and index numbers are the same)
> on mouseUp
>   ask "Pattern?"
>   put it into thePattern
>   repeat with rownum = 1 to 3
>      dispatch "setdataofindex" to group "datagrid" with rownum, "Col 
> 2", thePattern
>   end repeat
>   dispatch "RefreshList" to group "datagrid"
> end mouseUp
> Note that the refreshlist call at the end is necessary or you won't 
> see any changes.    The above will let you change the contents of 
> column 2, the first 3 rows.
> Next, select the data grid and using the property inspector, and in 
> the columns choice, highlight col 2, then use the plus button at the 
> bottom and then click column behavior to begin editing the custom 
> behavior for this column.
> To the fillindata handler, add some code to change the color depending 
> on the contents of the cell.  Like this
> on FillInData pData
>   -- This message is sent when the Data Grid needs to populate
>   -- this template with the column data. pData is the value to be 
> displayed.
>   -- Example:
>   set the text of field 1 of me to pData
>   if (pData contains "foo") then
>      set the backgroundcolor of field 1 of me to "red"
>   end if
> end FillInData
> Now run your stack.  put 'bar" in column 2, by clicking the populate 
> button and answering bar.  Nothing should happen.  Now do it again and 
> answer foo.  Again, nothing happens, but the foo cells were expected 
> to be red.
> Trevor, is my error obvious to the master?  What have I left out!
> Grateful thanks,
> Sadhu
> Sadhu Nadesan wrote:
>> Wow, Trevor, you are the MAN!  MAHALO!  I will check it out right away.
>>> You should be able to get this working without too much trouble. 
>>> I've  added a lesson to the manual that discusses how you can 
>>> quickly  override the default column behavior for a data grid table. 
>>> There are  two samples at the end of the lesson, one of which shows 
>>> how to color  a cell.
>>> < 
>>>  >
>>> Let me know if this helps.
>>> Regards,

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