AW: AW: How to make an app accessible for all users on Mac?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Apr 17 10:58:42 EDT 2009

Hi Phil,
so obiously anywhere in the process of creating the standalone there is a
bug or whatever. Until I find the solution for the problem my question #1
(see below) would be interesting for me as a workaround - beside of creating
the standalone directly on the Mac.
Thank you

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> Hi Tiemo,
> it looks like something is trashing the execute permissions between
> the Windows system and the Mac DMG. I always build my standalones on a
> Mac, so its not something I've come across. Presumably when Rev on
> Windows builds a Mac standalone, it gives the app it produces the
> equivalent of Windows execute access for all users (does Windows have
> this?), and when the app is then transferred to a Mac the different
> permissions system there is applied to match the Windows one. Or is it
> simply that when you copy a Mac app from a Windows file system to a
> Mac one, the Mac sets up execute permission for it automatically?
> Anyone know?
> On 17 Apr 2009, at 14:09, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:
> > Hi Phil,
> > you hit it! Setting the x permissions with sudo, made it.
> > Now I still have two questions:
> > 1. When looking in the info panel - permission settings, I only can
> > choose
> > "read" or "read & write", no "read & write & execute". Can I set the
> > excecute permission only in the terminal by sudo or am I missing
> > something?
> > 2. When creating a new app, is this way by setting the x permissions
> > with
> > sudo the standard way to give everyone the permission to execute my
> > app, or
> > am I missing something in creating my standalone (on Win XP and
> > transferring
> > it to Mac to create a DMG)?
> >
> > Thanks for your coaching, have a nice WE!
> > Tiemo

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