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Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Fri Apr 17 09:33:54 EDT 2009


I know I'm not an unbiased source but I just wanted to point out that beyond 
your basic email and web space, (actually I think MobileMe is killing web 
pages) there is almost no comparison between MobileMe and on-Rev. I mean, I 
guess you could say that on-Rev is a MobileMe for Revolution users just 
because it's highly targeted and provides specific functionality... but I 
think the comparison breaks down after that. MobileMe is about syncing files 
and contacts across multiple devices. While on-Rev is a Rev developer's 
dream home for server scripting.

As for Dreamhost, we specifically did not want to compete on a 
bandwidth/storage basis. Yes, we wanted to provide more than ample space for 
a good price, and yes we want to make it an easy decision to use us for 
hosting all your sites. Before on-Rev, I was using Dreamhost and a second, 
cPanel-based provider. Dreamhost is great and very Rev-friendly. I have the 
classic Rev engine, 3.0, working there. I haven't gotten around to putting 
3.5 up because in the end it's probably an hour of work for me to download 
the Linux version, pick out the right bits, and upload them with the right 
permissions, etc. The other guys haven't gotten Rev to work since the 2.6.1 
engine, are completely helpless when it comes to trying to get it to work, 
and I've been looking for an excuse to get rid of them.

For me, on-Rev is the ideal place I'd want to switch to from the previous 
cPanel provider. I get to use the same UI as the old one (in fact, it's easy 
to just back up and restore my whole site cPanel-to-cPanel). I know it's got 
its detractors but cPanel is pretty common and great for average people like 
me. I get better spec hardware hosting it, with more storage and more 
bandwidth. No feature losses. And one important advantage...

The core value of this service is knowing that whenever you want -- without 
any complicated setup, getting into FTP programs, etc. -- you can quickly 
add <?rev> tags to a page. And if it doesn't work, you have the comfort of a 
nice debugger that shows you variables in real time, etc. Makes it so easy 
for quick tasks and finally possible to tackle bigger projects without 
pulling your hair out.

In other words, it was designed to be the ultimate place to be for anyone 
who uses Rev, and the whole point of being a "Founder" is not just to get a 
great deal on hosting, but to help make it great with feedback and 
suggestions and just plain using it :)

- Bill
  runrev marketing guy

"Kay C Lan" <lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com> wrote 
in message 
news:f73a98160904170517j605d7ea5i7a0ab23bd06138cb at mail.gmail.com...
>I would like some opinions on the new on-Rev offer.
> This offer is very timely as I've been telling myself I 'need' to have a 
> web
> presence. ('need' as in my wife needs a new dress or I need a new gadget). 
> I
> guess I'm a bit like Marian in this regard, a bit of a neophyte when it
> comes to cgi, php etc; so as a Mac user MobileMe probably sounds like the
> web solution.
> But having said that, I do consider MobileMe more for my mother than for 
> me.
> I do dabble in mySQL and can have it work across a LAN, and have even 
> tested
> it over a WAN, but without a hosting service a one off test was all it 
> was.
> I know that a few here recommend Dreamhost. At the moment the only
> deficiencies that I've noted from a quick scan is that on-Rev doesn't list
> QuickTime/RealAudio support, but I get the impression that such holes will
> be filled rapidly.
> I'm probably not the prime target for on-Rev, but I don't consider myself
> the prime target for Revolution either. I love Rev and I can see that if
> on-Rev can minimise the need for PHP, CGI and javascript knowledge, I 
> could
> really enjoy working in on-Rev as well.
> So I was wondering if some kind List members would share their thoughts on
> the pros and cons, the haves and have-nots - excluding cost as I don't 
> want
> this to be an issue, ie if you can't afford on-Rev right now but think 
> it's
> a great offer I'd like to know why, just the same as if you can afford
> on-Rev but aren't interested I'd like to know why. I'm looking more at the
> personal/family end of the spectrum rather than the business perspective.
> Will on-Rev = Dreamhost? If not, why not. What will on-Rev provide that 
> I'll
> never get from MobileMe and what will MobileMe provide that I'll never be
> able to do with on-Rev?
> Thanks in advance for all those that share their thoughts.
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