[OT] Opinions about On-Rev

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 08:17:28 EDT 2009

I would like some opinions on the new on-Rev offer.

This offer is very timely as I've been telling myself I 'need' to have a web
presence. ('need' as in my wife needs a new dress or I need a new gadget). I
guess I'm a bit like Marian in this regard, a bit of a neophyte when it
comes to cgi, php etc; so as a Mac user MobileMe probably sounds like the
web solution.

But having said that, I do consider MobileMe more for my mother than for me.
I do dabble in mySQL and can have it work across a LAN, and have even tested
it over a WAN, but without a hosting service a one off test was all it was.

I know that a few here recommend Dreamhost. At the moment the only
deficiencies that I've noted from a quick scan is that on-Rev doesn't list
QuickTime/RealAudio support, but I get the impression that such holes will
be filled rapidly.

I'm probably not the prime target for on-Rev, but I don't consider myself
the prime target for Revolution either. I love Rev and I can see that if
on-Rev can minimise the need for PHP, CGI and javascript knowledge, I could
really enjoy working in on-Rev as well.

So I was wondering if some kind List members would share their thoughts on
the pros and cons, the haves and have-nots - excluding cost as I don't want
this to be an issue, ie if you can't afford on-Rev right now but think it's
a great offer I'd like to know why, just the same as if you can afford
on-Rev but aren't interested I'd like to know why. I'm looking more at the
personal/family end of the spectrum rather than the business perspective.
Will on-Rev = Dreamhost? If not, why not. What will on-Rev provide that I'll
never get from MobileMe and what will MobileMe provide that I'll never be
able to do with on-Rev?

Thanks in advance for all those that share their thoughts.

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