AW: How to make an app accessible for all users on Mac?

Luis luis at
Fri Apr 17 09:39:11 EDT 2009


This seems to have taken a roundabout route to sort out! I haven't  
had any such issues with Mac installs: Could the problem lie elsewhere?

I'm wondering if, in the creation of the CD, the permissions have  
been mangled by whatever was used to create it?

Opening a dmg and then dragging the app to its destination (for all  
users it should be HD/Applications) has always worked. What doesn't  
work at times is when the app is run from _within_ the dmg.

If the dmg is not too large, email me off list (tell me the size of  
the file first!) and if you don't mind, I'll test it here and see  
what I can find.



On 17 Apr 2009, at 14:09, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:

> Hi Phil,
> you hit it! Setting the x permissions with sudo, made it.
> Now I still have two questions:
> 1. When looking in the info panel - permission settings, I only can  
> choose
> "read" or "read & write", no "read & write & execute". Can I set the
> excecute permission only in the terminal by sudo or am I missing  
> something?
> 2. When creating a new app, is this way by setting the x  
> permissions with
> sudo the standard way to give everyone the permission to execute my  
> app, or
> am I missing something in creating my standalone (on Win XP and  
> transferring
> it to Mac to create a DMG)?
> Thanks for your coaching, have a nice WE!
> Tiemo
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>> Hi Tiemo,
>> directories have a "d" at the start of their permissions, so that's
>> ok. Some of the items inside your app folder are directories, and  
>> some
>> are files. It does look like the execute permission for that second
>> file you mention is missing for all users other than the owner -  
>> which
>> might stop it from running. If you use the chmod command I mentioned
>> in the previous posting it won't change the "d" bit of the  
>> permissions
>> of directories (the command *adds* permissions - that's what the a+
>> bit of it is for). As long as you're in the correct folder when you
>> issue the chmod command (the app's own bundle folder) it ought to be
>> impossible to damage any other applications or files, and you can
>> always replace that copy with another unmodified one to get you back
>> to where you were before...
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