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Thu Apr 16 14:09:46 EDT 2009

On Apr 15, 2009, at 8:44 PM, Jim Sims wrote:

> On Apr 16, 2009, at 1:51 AM, Devin Asay wrote:
>> communication issue that needs to be fixed if RunRev want this
>> feature to succeed.
>> We ought to try to work out the bumps before we dismiss it for its
>> flaws. It's a new service, and is bound to have some rough spots,
>> but I'm sure we can work with RunRev to iron them out. I'd hate to
>> see a promising new feature languish because we got frustrated early
>> on.
> I wonder if Ben Beaumont has anything to add on this.

I noticed that Ben's response somehow ended up in another thread (at  
least on my mail reader.) I hope he doesn't mind my quoting it here.  
For those who've seen it already, my apologies.


A little earlier today, Ben Beaumont wrote:

> Good afternoon all.
> I wanted to take a little time to post in relation to discussions
> regarding Collaborative Docs, one of our new features in Revolution  
> 3.5.
> Since the launch of 3.5 we have seen a lot of you taking the time to
> post some really useful examples, hints and comments which have  
> already
> started to recieve positive rating from others users. Thank you to all
> who have posted or left feedback up to now.
> Can I start by apologising to anyone who submitted a Collaborative  
> Docs
> comment that was declined and hasn't received an email notifying them.
> The email system was put in place towards the end of the 3.5  
> development
> cycle. All who submit a comment will now receive notification when  
> it is
> approved or declined. If it is declined you will be sent your original
> post and be invited to modify it and re-submit it.
>> ...and that's the downside. It's kind of like the Microsoft approach
>> to the world: the theory is great but the implementation sucks. My
>> notes have been rejected for some reason, and once you submit them  
>> you
>> don't have a copy anymore, so you can't edit them for resubmission or
>> really even have any idea what it was you submitted. I gave up in
>> disgust. I'll be happy to read your notes, but I doubt I'll be  
>> wasting
>> my time submitting any more.
> When a new Collaborative Doc entry it submitted, it is held on one of
> our servers in a 'pending' state. One of the development team will  
> look
> at all the pending comments roughly once a day and check their content
> before approving them. They are looking to ensure that a comment is
> helpful to the wider community and ensure that it is directly  
> related to
> the specific doc entry it has been posted against.
> If a comment is not approved, an email is automatically sent to the
> person who originally posted the comment. The email contains possible
> reasons it was not approved and the original comments placed. This
> allows them to modify and re-submit the comment if they choose to.
> If you are considering making a post please do! For hints and tips on
> how to structure your posts click on the "About Notes" link on the
> Collaborative Docs bar in any Revolution Documentation item.
> Warm regards,
> Ben
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