Rev 3.5 Dictionary--User contributed notes!

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Apr 16 13:14:42 EDT 2009

Andre wrote:
> I'd rather have an inverse approach where every comment is approved by
> default and we can flag the ones we think should be removed.

I'm normally quick to agree with you, but on this one I think your good 
nature may have you underestimating the potential for problems.

There was a time on the forums when spam was a real problem.  It seems 
to be under control lately, but for a while in addition to offers on 
stolen "discount" cell phones there were also a couple posts involving porn.

Open systems invite sickos.  Since RevOnline is an integrated part of 
the product experience, I believe it's in their interest to require 
approval for posts in the Dictionary.

Such a decision requires a commitment of resources, however, since for 
folks to remain motivated to use the feature posts should be approved 

But requiring approval is something that I would do myself for content 
that appears in my product.  I would never want to get an angry email 
from a parent letting me know my product exposed their child to 
pornography, and unfortunately in the world we live in that's a risk.

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