Initializing local properties

David Bovill david at
Wed Apr 15 07:52:30 EDT 2009

AFAIK - there is no easy or robust way to initialise local variables? That
is you can't do something like:

local thisWorks = "some long complicated result"
> local thisDoesnt = getComplicatedResult()
> function getComplicatedResult
>     return "some long complicated result"
> end getComplicatedResult

You could initialize things on a preopencard - but this would not allow for
it's use when called from another stack - as in defining a custom property

put the complicated_Result" of btn 1 of stack "Test"

I think there is no way to do this with locals - so you have to functions or
properties and calculate them each time for a handler? Using a global would
be over-cluttering things.

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