"Did you know that ....... ?"

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at wanadoo.fr
Wed Apr 15 07:09:20 EDT 2009

Hi from Paris,

When I upgraded to Rev 3.0, I was happy for so many reasons.
But there were things inside the script editor I found very
painful, even though there were MANY improvements.

The thing that peeved me most was that the script text lines
never lined up. I spent valuable minutes ('cos I love "order")
in all my scripts making sure that indents were correct.

Today, I hit the TAB key by mistake, while editing a script,
and "BINGO", everything lined up perfectly.

Why is progress so difficult to achieve, and why is "CHANCE"
so important to achieve this progress ?

(Who was it that first said "Progress is a series of "XXXX-ups !) ?

There are probably dozens of bells and whistles hidden away
in all the corners of Revolution, that we may never find.

I think that somebody in Rev should start a blog with the title :

"Did you know that ........ !"

I'm sure it would be very popular.

Now I see some of you reaching for your keyboards, to let me
know that this information is on page 2742 of the documentation.
But if I read alllll the documentation concerning Revolution,
I would surely be a much better programmer - with ZERO stacks
to my credit !!

"..... et à la fin de l'envoi, je touche !" (Cyrano de Bergerac)


"Nothing should ever be done for the first time !"

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