I'm having behavior problems :)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Apr 13 04:33:34 EDT 2009

Mark Wieder wrote:

> Richard-
> Sunday, April 12, 2009, 9:35:30 AM, you wrote:
>> What is a DataGrid?
> I stand corrected indeed. I've been thinking of behaviors as shadow
> scripts for individual objects or groups and wasn't thinking about
> stack-level component behavior.

Or any level of object.  You can define behaviors for the ultimate 
data-entry-validating fields, and just pass me a library with behavior 
buttons I can assign to any of my fields in any of my stacks.  And next 
time you issue an upgrade all my objects get whatever enhancements 
you've delivered, without me ever having to change any line of code.

> While I kind of like the idea of a resolutionError message, I'm not
> sure what problem this would solve:
> on resolutionError
>   -- what?
> end resolutionError
> What if I put a mouseDoubleUp handler in a behavior button instead of
> a button - would the resolutionError message be received at runtime
> every time the object received a message of any kind? I would prefer
> an image that doesn't respond to mouseDoubleUp clicks unless its
> behavior object is present to one that gives an error message on
> mouseOvers for no apparent reason.

If it was in the docs I could just point you there

If it worked as planned I could figure it out and tell you

But with neither of those in place I can only guess:

I think the resolutionError message was to be sent either just before or 
just after preOpenCard, at the time when any behavior references would 
need to be resolved.

This would imply that it would happen only once whenever a given object 
is brought into the message path, and would not be sent in response to 
any other message (like mouseUp, etc.).

The benefit is that if you have objects that depend on having a set of 
behavior buttons in memory, this error notification at least lets you 
know what the objects you expected to be available as behaviors can't be 

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