I'm having behavior problems :)

David Bovill david at architex.tv
Sun Apr 12 08:53:49 EDT 2009

Quick note to see if any one has similar issues - I don't think it is quite
a bug - but more of a gotcha:

   - I have a field with a "mouseDoubleUp" handler in the fields
   behavior/parent script
   - the field has an empty script
   - put the behavior of field 1 - works
   - but no message is sent ???

This is the second time I've had this problem. It turn out that if you set
the behavior of a control - it is possible to do this and yet for the stack
concerned to not be known to the environment - that is it is not in the
stackfiles - as the reference is to the short stack name. This is I think
what causes the above problem - in my case the stack concerned was not in
the stackfiles and I could not for the life of me debug the problem - until
I figured out that while:

   - the behavior of fld 1 => returned as expected
   - edit the script of the behavior of fld 1 - did nothing
   - put exists(the behavior of fld 1) => retuns false

So while it is not a bug - it is bad behavior :)

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