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Yves COPPE yvescoppe at
Fri Apr 10 17:29:33 EDT 2009

Hi list,

i have a Datagrid "table "form
in the row Template I have placed a "option menu" btn
This btn is placed in the third column

Now a user selects an item of the option menu btn of a line of the  

I have a script in a btn

put the dgHilitedlines of group "datagrid 2" into theLine
put the dgDataOfLine[theLine] of group  "datagrid 2" into theDataA
answer theDataA["Pct"]

Pct is the name of this column with optionmenu btn

I'd like the text of chosen item of this option menu btn of this line  
(line thLine)



yvescoppe at

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