sample data grid code?

sadhu at sadhu at
Fri Apr 10 17:05:57 EDT 2009

> Hi Sadhu,
> Question  - do you want to access the underlying data of every cell in
> the entire table or do you just want data from the visible cells?

Hi Trevor,

I guess the answer is every cell -or at least, every data cell.  I don't
need to access the column headers for example, or any cell that would be
some kind of invisible plumbing like make indexes or whatever.

Example:  suppose I have a tab delimited Excel spread sheet CSV type file
with no column headers, 10 rows, and 5 columns, or 50 cells of data.  Then
suppose I load it up into a data grid but only 3 rows are visible at a
given time and one has to scroll to see others.  I want to access all 50.

Does that answer your question?

More explanation if it helps,

What I really want to do is this;  have the data grid scroll, or focus
change if that is the right terminology, to visibly show the cell that is
being processed, and then cycle through every row, top to bottom, and on
each row cycle through every cell, left to right, and then perform some
action on the data in each cell (such as turn it red if it is invalid).

I would like the user to be able to visually see the progress as the
validity check is processing.

I think this will make a very appealing app, not to mention, useful.  For
example, something the Java guys in our shop would be hard pressed to say
"we can do that".  At least, in the same time frame.  :-)

SO looking forward to your reply, and thank you!


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