Can Rev turn text to speech and record it?

Richard Miller wow at
Fri Apr 10 13:51:56 EDT 2009

I'd appreciate any comments regarding the issue of keeping Skype running 
in the background (on a MacMini) and periodically (could be several 
hundred times per day) using Applescript to generate a wav file, then 
directing Skype to call the vendor and play the file. Do you think this 
can all happen fairly quietly in the background while Rev is handling 
numerous cgi scripts as the server's main task?


BNig wrote:
> Kay,
> well I looked the say part up in the mac scripter forum
> There is a wealth of information and code on that forum.
> ´say´ is part of the scripting additions.
> And yes, Applescript is at times 'underdocumented', as is the Quicktime
> player Pro, I do a lot of basic stuff in the Quicktime Player, but it is up
> to the user to find out how.
> Once Richard gets this going he can choose a voice he likes with the say
> command and let that voice speak the text. Since 10.5 there is a high
> quality voice 'Alex' which sounds pretty naturally, I think it is the
> default voice for 10.5
> regards
> Bernd
> Kay C Lan wrote:
>> On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 11:02 PM, BNig <niggemann at> wrote:
>>> ---------------
>>> set myDesktop to (path to desktop) as text
>>> set myfilePath to myDesktop & "myRecording.aif"
>>> set myText to "What to say, this is a recorded message and nothing more"
>>> say myText saving to file myfilePath
>>> set myExportPath to myDesktop & "myRecording.wav"
>>> set myPrefPath to myDesktop & "QTExportSettingWAV"
>>> tell application "QuickTime Player"
>>>        open file myfilePath
>>>        export document 1 as wave replacing yes to file myExportPath using
>>> settings
>>> file myPrefPath
>>> end tell
>>> ---------------
>> Brilliant! You'd never figure that out reading an AppleScript manual; you
>> gotta love this List.

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