Can Rev turn text to speech and record it?

Richard Miller wow at
Fri Apr 10 10:34:26 EDT 2009


That is cool! Works perfectly... and so easy. I'll take you up on the 
offer to convert it to wav, if you don't mind. I know it can be done 
with ffmpegx, but if that can be avoided, great.


BNig wrote:
> Richard,
> if you are still interested in an easy way to record text to an audio file
> on a mac this applescript does it
> applescript
> ------------------
> set myDesktop to (path to desktop) as text
> set myfilePath to myDesktop & "myRecording.aif"
> set myText to "What to say, this is a recorded message"
> say myText saving to file myfilePath
> ---------------
> end of applescript
> that gives you an aiff file though, if you want to convert into into a wav
> file it is a little more involved using the Quicktime player. 
> The export is actually quite easy but requires an export setting file for
> the specifics of the wav file. 
> In case you are interested I can expand on how to generate that. Once
> generated you are fine.
> regards
> Bernd
> Richard Miller-5 wrote:
>> Is there a reasonably elegant way (on a Mac) to have Rev turn text into 
>> speech and record it as a wav file... short of using the built-in 
>> Revspeak commands and having a program like Audacity capture the output 
>> from the speakers?
>> Thanks.
>> Richard Miller

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