Can Rev turn text to speech and record it?

BNig niggemann at
Fri Apr 10 11:02:50 EDT 2009


the whole script would be (without error checking and stuff)

set myDesktop to (path to desktop) as text
set myfilePath to myDesktop & "myRecording.aif"
set myText to "What to say, this is a recorded message and nothing more"
say myText saving to file myfilePath
set myExportPath to myDesktop & "myRecording.wav"
set myPrefPath to myDesktop & "QTExportSettingWAV"
tell application "QuickTime Player"
	open file myfilePath
	export document 1 as wave replacing yes to file myExportPath using settings
file myPrefPath
end tell

the only thing missing is the preference file that I named

to get to this you open your aiff file in Quicktime Player, I guess you need
the Pro version of the player. If you dont have it I can email you the prefs
If you do have the pro version then you do an export with the settings you
decide on e.g. 16 khz etc to an arbitrary file
Leave the player as it is with the aiff file as the frontmost document

in skripteditor you put 
set myDesktop to path to desktop as text
set myExpPath to myDesktop & "QTExportSettingWAV"
tell application "QuickTime Player"
	save export settings of document 1 for wave to file myExpPath
end tell
this gives you the settings file on the desktop.

now you can run the first script and it should work. The way it is now
everything is on the desktop and the files replace each other. But that is
trivial to change.

Except for the export of the settings file all of the above works in the
non-Pro version of the Quicktime player. So once you have a settings file
you could run this regardless of Pro or not (may save you $30)

hope you get there

Richard Miller-5 wrote:
> Bernd,
> That is cool! Works perfectly... and so easy. I'll take you up on the 
> offer to convert it to wav, if you don't mind. I know it can be done 
> with ffmpegx, but if that can be avoided, great.
> Thanks.
> Richard
> BNig wrote:
>> Richard,
>> if you are still interested in an easy way to record text to an audio
>> file
>> on a mac this applescript does it
>> applescript
>> ------------------
>> set myDesktop to (path to desktop) as text
>> set myfilePath to myDesktop & "myRecording.aif"
>> set myText to "What to say, this is a recorded message"
>> say myText saving to file myfilePath
>> ---------------
>> end of applescript
>> that gives you an aiff file though, if you want to convert into into a
>> wav
>> file it is a little more involved using the Quicktime player. 
>> The export is actually quite easy but requires an export setting file for
>> the specifics of the wav file. 
>> In case you are interested I can expand on how to generate that. Once
>> generated you are fine.
>> regards
>> Bernd
>> Richard Miller-5 wrote:
>>> Is there a reasonably elegant way (on a Mac) to have Rev turn text into 
>>> speech and record it as a wav file... short of using the built-in 
>>> Revspeak commands and having a program like Audacity capture the output 
>>> from the speakers?
>>> Thanks.
>>> Richard Miller
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