bad interaction between "random" and "word"?

Mick Collins mickclns at
Mon Apr 6 13:37:10 EDT 2009

Thank you, Bernard.  I was doing a histogram with random data just a  
few weeks ago myself and didn't think to do a test at the time -- it  
seems very similar to what Michael found in your Nabble link. And now  
this problem -- whatever the underlying problems, I'll bet they are  
the same.  I hope this will be investigated, but at least we have the  
verbose workaround.  Thanks, again,
    -  Mick

> From: Bernard Devlin <bdrunrev at>
> Subject: Re: bad interaction between "random" and "word"?
> I believe the same issue might well have come up just a few days ago
> in a slightly different context:
> It does seem that in not putting the result of random() into a
> variable before using it, people are seeing strange results.
> Personally, I would adopt the more verbose approach, as it would aid
> debugging.
> Bernard

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