An observation (was Wrapping long pathnames in narrow fields)

DunbarX at DunbarX at
Thu Apr 2 17:47:28 EDT 2009

Ah, I see. Pathnames are always one word. So the dontWrap in Rev does not 
help. Odd, though....

It does in HC. Wrapping is not word dependent. HC just uses the field width 
as a wrapping limit. This seems like a weakness in Rev, which will will not 
wrap except at word boundaries within the field width, as best it can. You can 
have some long words within a narrow field NOT wrap, while the rest of the text 

I assumed HC-like behavior. Dangerous...

Craig Newman

In a message dated 4/2/09 5:37:53 PM, tsj at writes:

> Setting the dontWrap to false allows a string to wrap at word breaks but
> given that these may or may not exist in paths it's not particularly useful
> here. So, yes I guess I'm looking for a 'wordWrap' type solution. I can
> write one - I just thought there might be an existing and elegant solution
> out there already.

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