referenced images vs. images?

Devin Asay devin_asay at
Wed Apr 1 15:38:58 EDT 2009

Recently, Lars Brehmer wrote:

> However something is wrong. Terribly and strangely wrong. I made a
> folder with all photos, delete all corresponding photos in the stack,
> and reimported them as referenced images. The stack is STILL 550 megs!


Depending on how you do it, it is possible to actually import image  
data into a stack using a reference. For example, this:

put URL "" into image "myImage"

It will download the image data from the remote file and put it  
permanently into the stack. It would work the same way with a local  

put URL "binfile:/folder/someImage.gif" into image "myImage"

To just reference the external file, set the filename property:

set the filename of image "myImage" to "/folder/someImage.gif"



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