Totally OT - I need some heads up (and a hug or two)

Mark Smith lists at
Thu Oct 9 06:30:31 EDT 2008

Malte, what a horrible thng to happen. Without going into boring  
details, I had a roughly similar thing happen to a music project  
about 7 years ago.
All I can really say is that once you've got over the shock, you'll  
do what everyone does after such a loss - start again and rebuild.
And, as one wise friend said in response to my anger at the thieves,  
"be glad you're you and not them".

Best wishes,


On 9 Oct 2008, at 10:51, Malte Brill wrote:

> Hi all,
> today is the worst day in my self employment life. I arrived at the  
> office today, just to learn that everything apple branded is gone.  
> Stolen. Away.
> Not only that, but my external backup HD also vanished and a few  
> things I was pretty fond of, like a keyboard (music) and a microphone.
> I do not care too much about the machines. Those are replacable.  
> But I lost at least 3 months worth of data. I had something cool  
> coming up, but I am afraid I am thrown back to point zero, at least  
> with the documentation. The people I have been talking off list  
> will know what I mean. So everyone who is involved with that  
> project, I beg your patience, as I really need to start freshly on  
> it. And just now I can't. I just feel like sitting in the corner  
> and weeping. So if any of you has any urgent support queries for AE  
> or other stuff I beg your patience. It might be a day or two until  
> I recover.
> All the best,
> Malte
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