alternatelanguages ... persistent objects from "createObject"

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Thu Oct 9 05:35:34 EDT 2008


Using alternatelanguages allows these (like VBS, Javascript) to interact with windows COM objects (using the createObject Syntax f.e. for opening word or excel and write sth there, save it and close).
As I asked some weeks ago - how could I reuse such an object later?
One answer in the list (I do not find the posting in the moment, sorry for making no credits) was really good: I can use a global variable "result" in the alternatelanguage as an global variable bridge: f.e. from vbs to runrev.  This indeed works.

But: Could it be possible out of runrev (any idea) to have 2 alternatelanguagescripts 
runword1.vbs and 
where the second just uses the word object opened by the first. => Can I use a COM-object again by any trick?
The first script could perhaps give back an objectID in the "result" variable to runrev, but how could I reconnect the writeagaininword2.vbs to this existing object (if the first script did not close it)?

Of course it would be the best runrev could use COM directly ... how about a createObject command in 3.1 ;-)

Franz Böhmisch

A second question:
What can I do with the XML alternatelanguage on windows? 
After put the alternatelanguages on one pc I get


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