Change Case of first character of text string

dcpbarrington dpierce at
Thu Feb 28 18:08:21 EST 2008

This has to be very simple, but I cannot find anything in the DOCs or an

I have a database that I want to allow the user to querry a record by the
persons last name.  So I have a simple entry box with a button to querry the

Works great as long as the user enters the text string in the same case as
has been entered in the database.  "Smith" = "Smith", but if the user enters
"smith" in the select box, the record is not found.

I want to do the database select with different text formats to make sure
that the record is found.
SELECT on "Smith", "smith", "SMITH"

I found the toupper() and tolower() functions, but how do you get the
function to change only the first letter toupper in a string?

Thanks in advance for the help.  This cannot be that hard.
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