RunRev lack of rs232 Com Ports !

Malte Brill revolution at
Thu Feb 28 12:55:52 EST 2008

Camm wrote:

> Somehow I doubt Runrev will show any interest looking at the
> many bugs/enhancements that have been outstanding for many
> years.

How come you think so? I think RR is doing a very good job with the  
work on 2.9. So far almost everything I considder a blocker has been  
fixed (including my pet bugs), so I am pretty happy with how it  
evolves. Given the time the current beta program has been running I can 
´t help but thinking that they take the Beta very seriously this time.  
If each release would have been tested that well, we would all be  
happy campers I guess. I am sooooo looking forward to a final of 2.9,  
and even though I am waiting impatiently I do think it is very well  
worth the wait for a really stable version. New features after that. I  
too would like to see quite some features introduced. tree views, real  
table fields, multichannel audioclips, openGl. All those features do  
have a different priority for the current userbase, so RR needs to  
prioriterize their decisions. I on the other hand can decide if it is  
important enough for me to hire an external writer meanwhile, and I  
really wish there was a list of people to ask in need of an external  
coder. *sigh*

All the best,


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