concerning 2.9 as "free"

Alex Tweedly alex at
Tue Feb 26 10:46:33 EST 2008

Colin Holgate wrote:
> Sometimes Rev marketing can be upsetting to recent purchasers. For 
> example, I paid the full price for Rev, but at the time that you could 
> send a second copy to someone. I used that as a way to send a copy to 
> myself at work, so I would be registered ok if I used Rev on my own 
> machine or on my work machine. The second copy still hasn't reached me 
> at work, so when does the initial three months of upgrades start 
> counting? Is it when I paid for the product, or is it when I receive it?
I could be *completely* wrong about this, but .... my understanding of 
the Rev license is that it applies to a person, not to a machine.  And 
therefore that as long as only I use it, and so long as I only use one 
copy at a time, I am OK to have Rev installed on my laptop, and my 
desktop, and my work machine, and my Mac-mini, and my son's laptop and 

Occasionally I bend the rules, and use both the laptop and the desktop 
copies at the same time .... don't tell anyone at Rev :-) :-)


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