Inter-Application Communication on Windows

Dave dave at
Thu Feb 14 06:06:45 EST 2008


Since they are two standalone applications they will have different  
engine's and different SQLite libraries, so I don't think you could  
access the same database with it getting corrupted. If you know a way  
do this this I'd be VERY interested.


All the Best

On 13 Feb 2008, at 19:08, viktoras didziulis wrote:

> What about the 2 applications connecting to the same sqlite  
> database - one updates the db, the other checks whether and how it  
> was updated?..
> Viktoras
> Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Dave wrote:
>>> I have an application that periodically creates or updates an  
>>> SQLite  database (actually there are lots of databases (separate  
>>> SQLite  files), but only one is worked on at a time) and then  
>>> sends the  results to the server. This process can take upwards  
>>> of 15 minutes to  complete. In the meantime I want to be able to  
>>> still use the  application to do other things (such as create  
>>> playlists in iTunes).
>> I'd use sockets, or polling for a file.  While polling a file's  
>> content can eat some cycles, polling for the existence of a file  
>> is pretty darn fast.  Given the scenario you describe, where  
>> you're not really expecting a result for several minutes, you  
>> could probably get away with polling for a file every few  
>> seconds.  Cheap, simple, reasonably efficient.
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